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How To Restore Your Oxidized Headlight

September 20, 2021

How To Restore Your Oxidized Headlight


Appearance Matters


The appearance of a car may be influenced by a number of things if it is an older model. Fading headlights can add to the aging appearance of a car as well. Replacing them with the new or restored one can be a great enhancement. The thing is, in order to make this happen there are a number of options available. You could buy a replacement from the dealer which is often higher in cost or you could choose the restoration route as a more affordable option.



Be safe


Driving with foggy aging headlights may be a safety issue if your car does not provide adequate lighting. Headlights made with plastic lenses that are exposed to the elements - sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays - may experience oxidization over time. This deterioration of the outer part of the plastic lens will cause a reduction in the amount of illumination the light is able to provide. 

In order to restore its effectiveness of the headlight, restoration will increase the illumination allowing it to function properly.





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