5 Reasons Used OEM Parts Can Give You More Value for Money Than Any Other Option

February 23, 2023

5 Reasons Used OEM Parts Can Give You More Value for Money Than Any Other Option

After you have got your dream car, the only way to express your love for it is to maintain it like a masterpiece. And for that, being a car lover is not enough, one also has to be a smart decision-maker and a little bit expert in this area. This is because a car lover, despite his strong will to never compromise on his car’s maintenance, ends up using low-quality parts — if he is not knowledgeable enough. So if you want zero compromises on your car’s parts, you should keep an eye on what’s going on in the market, and what type of parts should you use in your car. There can be several brands that make aftermarket parts for your car, and most people blindly trust them because they think if the part fits perfectly, works fine, and looks nice, it’s enough. But it’s not.

The key factor in choosing a part for your car should be its strength and durability, and how safe it is for your car. You should ask, “can I rely on this part, and can it make my journeys smooth and safe — in the long run?"

The problem with these aftermarket parts is that they are not designed especially for your car’s model, they are designed to fit as many models as possible. The original part that you want to replace and the new aftermarket-one in your hand are not the same, they are manufactured in different facilities and through different processes. An aftermarket parts manufacturer cannot meet the excellence of the facility in which your car was manufactured, because these both have a different scope of business. Aftermarket parts don’t go through the rigorous testing of the original equipment manufacturer OEM parts. But despite the above factors, many people use aftermarket parts because they are readily available. And compared to them, OEM parts have very long shipping times.

But don’t worry! Luckily, there is a way you can ditch aftermarket parts without compromising on the car’s durability and performance, without breaking your wallet, and without waiting for a long time. And that is by installing the used OEM parts.

Here are the 5 reasons why used OEM parts give you more value for money than any other option. 


 There is no comparison between the aftermarket parts and the top-notch OEM parts. But when you wish to install them in your vehicle, you have to visit the dealership that supplies those products. So the middlemen apply their dealer markup, which increases the price of the part. You can avoid this problem and avoid those extra charges if you shift to used OEM parts because in that case, you are buying them directly from the owner of that particular part. 


When people are given a choice between a used OEM part and a new aftermarket part, they fall into the trap of the common new vs. the old dilemma. They think that if something is new, it might be more durable and might provide more value. The thing is that this rule does not apply in this case. Used OEM parts do not mean they have consumed their entire life and are used a lot. These parts are sourced from carefully inspected and dismantled vehicles, and therefore sometimes you can expect to get used parts in almost new-like conditions.

Used OEM parts are more durable than after-market parts because of the quality of the material and manufacturing process. And because they are more durable, it means you will have to change them less often, and they will not require repair and maintenance frequently.


If you are shifting to used OEM parts from new ones, you will simply save a lot because used ones are cheaper — and enjoy the same level of quality. And if you are shifting to used OEM parts from aftermarket parts, you will find that now you are able to have tons of benefits at the same or lower price because used OEM parts are comparatively stronger and more durable.


When you use aftermarket parts, you lose the originality of your car. So when you will try to sell it, you will find that the buyer is not feeling confident about the car because he is not sure of which other part might be an aftermarket one. On the other hand, if you keep maintaining your car with OEM parts, your car will retain its value. So shifting to used OEM parts can also help you avoid this type of loss.

Apart from this, sometimes, if one part of your car is not an original OEM one, it might not only get faulty easily but also damage other parts of your vehicle. For example, if you have used a low-quality suspension, it may break easily and damage your car’s tires too. So OEM parts also play a role in protecting your car and preventing loss.


When you're investing in used OEM parts, you are not investing in something that can easily depreciate in value. For example, if you purchase a used OEM part but don’t use it for any reason, you will be able to sell it easily. Or for example, if you want to modify your car, then the used OEM parts that you just purchased when you were satisfied with the stock setting will not become useless. Since they are durable and long-lasting, they can retain their value and don’t depreciate easily. 


So there are three main options for you when it comes to choosing parts for your car: new OEM used OEM and aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts automatically become a less attractive option when you consider the safety, durability, and long-term performance of your car as your top priority because they are not manufactured by your car’s manufacturer. If you are troubled by long shipping times, and extra dealer charges for new OEM parts, you can go with the used OEM parts. You will get the same level of performance and durability if you are getting them from a trusted and well-reputed source.

Are there some automobile parts on your to-buy list? We are sure you will go with the used OEM parts, so visit ourproduct section now, and begin a smarter car maintenance journey.

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