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6 Signs That Your Beloved Ride Needs OEM Car Parts

June 05, 2023

6  Signs That Your Beloved Ride Needs OEM Car Parts

Do you wanna know whether your car needs OEM parts? Here are some signs your is craving OEM parts:


If you get your car repaired, and then after some time it asks for another maintenance treat — then there is some problem with the parts you are using. If you feel like the number of times you have to take your beloved car to the mechanic or repair shop is increasing day by day, don’t conclude that your treasured ride is getting old and its end is near, but rather focus on the parts you are using. OEM parts are super strong and durable and can go a long way; if you install them, your car won’t require frequent repairs. 


Do you miss the original driving and control experience of your car when you got it new? Do you believe that after multiple repair works and part updates, you no longer feel the same thrill? Do you try to install new aftermarket parts, but that same unique experience remains a dream? You were getting that wonderful original experience of your car because at that time it had OEM parts, but now you have compromised on its quality by installing aftermarket parts. If you want to feel like you have just got your car from the showroom, then you need to use only OEM parts for repairing your car. 


Does it happen to you that you get a brand new part for your car and you feel like it doesn’t fit perfectly, and your mechanic spends more than expected time trying to fit it in? This is because the aftermarket parts you are using are not designed for your specific make or model; they are designed to suit as many variants as possible — since they are not made by your car’s original manufacturer. OEM parts make it a lot easier to repair your car because they fit like they should. This is the only way you can avoid fit and compatibility issues. 


Reliability is the most important factor of a car, it should have minimum risk of mechanical failure or breakdowns — especially when you are traveling with your family and even when you are alone because you don’t want to be stranded in an unfamiliar location. Having a reliable car gives you peace of mind — knowing that it won’t let you down anywhere. But if you think the reliability of your car is decreasing in your day-to-day drives, and you don’t feel confident taking it on long trips, then you need to stop installing aftermarket parts and go with OEM only. 


There may be instances in your car-owning experience when you installed an aftermarket part, and it just worked fine ever after. This might lead you to conclude that OEM and aftermarket parts are the same when it comes to performance. But there is a high chance that the part you installed had “simple technology,” it did not have any complex systems in it. Only simple parts of your car can be replaced with aftermarket parts without affecting the performance (though you should not), but when it comes to parts with complex technology, you can’t go with aftermarket parts. Complex parts need attention to detail because they have small intricacies that require precise handling. And you can expect that from the original equipment manufacturer of your car, not from an aftermarket factory that mass produces any part on the machine without careful testing, inspection, and quality checks. 


When you use aftermarket parts, you don’t just have to pay the maintenance cost more often (because they have frequent issues) but also that the maintenance cost increases over time — as the number of aftermarket parts in your car increases. This is because one low-quality aftermarket part can affect other parts due to numerous interactions and interconnected systems. So once you compromise on one part, you end up creating a chain reaction or a domino effect. For instance, a defective component in an electric can produce excessive heat and damage other nearby components. 

Another occasion on which OEM parts may be the online choice for you is when the aftermarket alternative for that particular part is not manufactured or cannot be manufactured. 


We know that these problems sound like a nightmare to you, but the good news is that you can avoid them without breaking your budget. The Right Choice Auto Parts brings quality-checked used OEM parts at affordable rates. 

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