Pre-Owned OEM Auto Parts for Winter: Boost Your Ride's Performance

September 18, 2023

Pre-Owned OEM Auto Parts for Winter: Boost Your Ride's Performance

Data from USDOT, FHWA, NHTSA, and the Auto Insurance Center reveal that annually, icy and snowy road conditions result in an average of 1,836 deaths and 136,309 injuries. Remarkably, icy roads alone contribute to more fatalities than all other weather-related hazards combined, surpassing them by 3.6 times.

Winter will be here before you know it, bringing slippery road conditions galore. Without proper winter tires or at least all-season tires, good visibility, and other winter preparations, the chances of an accident or getting stuck out there increase several times over.

So, rather than let Jack Frost catch you by surprise, now is the time to winterize your trusty set of wheels. Unless you want to spend the rest of your winter indoors and unproductive - never going to happen!

 A good defense starts with gearing up key components underneath the hood and all the fours - the wheelies! But how do you hack it without breaking the bank? Did someone say pre-owned OEM auto parts? Right!

When the snow starts flying, you’ll be glad you made these budget-friendly strategic upgrades.

Clear the Way with Brighter Headlights

You might not see snowflakes, but you’ll sure feel them pile up between you and the road. Keep your windshield whisper-clean with premium wiper blades made to last through blizzards.

We know that freezing rain and snowfall may be good for the Christmas holidays, but not for your visibility on the road. There’s a time and place for everything, so make sure that everything is working as it should to keep the windshield clear. For example, is the defroster functioning properly, and are the windshield wipers in good condition?

You already know that nothing casts a wider beam than quality headlights cutting through the darkness. So, when Jack Frost blankets the highways after sunset, you’ll want your lights to light the way.

Right Choice Auto Parts has just what you need to keep your vision 20/20 all season long. For example, the High-beam HID/Xenon assemblies from Acura, Cadillac,and other luxury brands are a cut above the rest.

With sharper illumination than stock halogen bulbs, you’ll see obstacles long before they appear. Nothing will sneak up on you under cover of darkness or in wintry squalls. Screw Old Man Winter – with lights this bright, the road is yours to roam safely anytime, anywhere.

Brake for Better Traction

On slippery streets, the rubber meets the ice. Having brakes you can rely on is a must when conditions get dicey. You don’t want to slide into the local bakery around the corner or get stuck at the traffic stop.

So, make sure you have maintained and inspected your brakes. Check the rotors and brake pads, and that you have the right brake fluid installed. You want the right accessories to reduce your braking distance as much as possible.

Right Choice offers pre-owned ABS pumps and brake parts directly from meticulous maintenance facilities. Go with a trusted OEM replacement and stop worrying. Whether you’re sliding into slick intersections or need to pull yourself together on glare ice, these top-notch braking solutions have your back. No need to ride Old Man Winter’s coattails – with brakes this bold, you’re always in control.

Mind the Fuel Lines

Keep in mind that extremely low temperatures can cause your fuel lines to freeze. When this happens, fuel flow to your engine is restricted or completely blocked, preventing your car from starting or stalling while driving.

When fuel lines freeze, it restricts or completely blocks the flow of fuel to the engine, causing starting problems or even stalling while driving. So, what do you do to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place?

Use fuel with the appropriate winter blend, which contains antifreeze additives that lower the freezing point of the fuel. Additionally, regular vehicle maintenance, such as checking for any signs of leaks or damage in the fuel lines, can help ensure they remain in good condition and reduce the chances of freezing.

Traction is No Tire-ing Task

As important as tires are in winter, fresh rubber isn’t in everyone's budget. But you have to get the right rubber to ride on the right road.

For added security in iffy conditions, tire cables and chains stand up to slippage so you don’t take a fall. Snug these saviors around your shoes and conquer any terrain. Old Man Winter won’t have you sliding off the roads – with chains, you’ll be gripping tight no matter the ice.

Keep Warm with a Solid Climate Control

What good is visibility if fogged-up windows make it useless?

It’s easy to overlook the climate control system when the weather is favorable. But now, winter is around the corner. Is your heating system up to the task? When was the last time it was serviced?

Right Choice has dependable OEM heaters, AC modules, and climate controls to keep your interior cozy confines clear.

Something like the Nissan Altima AC heater climate control module OEM can be the missing component to make the ride your favorite escape during winter.

Have you checked the condition of your Mercedes C300 steering wheel? Well, the climate control may be functioning well to keep everyone warm, but a steering wheel that’s not in the best condition may take the joy out of the ride. This Mercedes-Benz c300 steering wheel leather w/ shifter paddle OEM may be the only part missing to winterize your Merc. 

Reliable demisting and quick-cooling conveniences like these take the frustration out of fighting frost. While Old Man Winter tap dances outside, a top-shelf climate component ensures warmth and clarity within. Comfort and safety ride shotgun all season thanks to intuitive interior operators.

Other Accessories to Winterize Your Ride

You’re driving on the highway at a respectable speed and maintaining a good distance, but sometimes emergencies can happen. You can get stuck in the middle of nowhere, or even get into a small accident. How do you prepare for such scenarios?

To be prepared for a breakdown during winter, you’ll require a blanket to keep warm as you wait for rescue services. You’ll also need a flashlight, ice scraper, and an emergency kit.

Finding yourself in an emergency is so easy during winter. So, make sure you have the right equipment with you.

Act Now Before the Thaw

Neglecting winter preparations can lead to costly repairs or breakdowns. Fixing or replacing components damaged due to winter-related issues can strain your finances and lead to unexpected expenses, and no one wants that.

Therefore, don’t get caught with your parts in the snow – gear up now before winter’s full fury. With quality pre-owned OEM auto parts from Right Choice Auto Parts, your trusty set of wheels is ready to conquer whatever Old Man Winter throws its way.

From headlights to heaters, upgrade key components economically yet effectively. When the first flakes fall, you’ll be glad you made these forward-thinking preparations. The roads may ice over but you’ll remain in control - keep cruising in comfort through whatever weather may come. Stay one step ahead of Old Man Winter by shopping Right Choice today!

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