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Using OEM Parts: 5 Parts of Your Car That You Should Never Repair With Aftermarket Parts

March 20, 2023

Using OEM Parts: 5 Parts of Your Car That You Should Never Repair With Aftermarket Parts

Whenever you decide to get your car repaired, you have two options: either use aftermarket parts or OEM parts. At Right Choice Auto Parts, we have always been advocates of OEM parts. The quality of aftermarket parts is not consistent, and they are not designed specifically for your model so they don’t fit as the OEM parts do. Moreover, OEM parts give you more value for money, and if you want to know how, we have a separateblog post for that.

Day by day more people are getting aware of this and shifting to OEM parts, but they are not sure which parts to start with, or which parts they can never compromise on by using aftermarket parts. So if you are one of them, this blog post is for you.

We believe that you should repair every part of your car with OEM parts, but here are the five most important parts.


You should never add aftermarket body panels to your car because they may not be able to provide the same level of strength and durability. The original panels of your car are designed and manufactured by your car’s manufacturer after a lot of research and crash testing; they won’t cause any harm in case of an accident. For example, in old days the hood or bonnet would come through the windshield in case of a collision and hurt or kill the occupants. But nowadays, they have safety catches and crumple creases to absorb energy — which can be missing in aftermarket parts, they can only imitate the look of OEM parts.

Right Choice Auto Parts carries a wide range of high-quality OEM parts, including different types of panels. Check out this panel to have an idea.

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Sensors are the most sensitive parts of your car. When your car’s original sensors stop working or get damaged, you should never replace them with aftermarket sensors. Since they are not designed specifically for your model, they may not match other factory sensors of your car or have problems calibrating with your car’s parts. They may not communicate well and may have low accuracy or send incorrect data. So if you want to avoid these problems, original OEM sensors are a perfect option for you.

If you are looking for OEM sensors for your car in perfect condition, look no further than the Right Choice Auto Parts.

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High-quality, strong, and durable brakes are very important for your safety. If you replace them with aftermarket brake parts, you will be compromising on the stopping power of your vehicle. With OEM brakes, you know exactly where your car will stop, so you drive more confidently. Aftermarket brakes may give you a good performance for some time, but you don’t know when they will stop performing up to the mark; they may have a shorter lifespan.

The Right Choice Auto parts have a complete section for used OEM brake parts.

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It's your car’s suspension parts that hold it off the ground, cushion it against bumps, and help the vehicle in turning. A low-quality suspension can make you feel unstable and unbalanced and can cause you to lose control of your vehicle or worse. Aftermarket suspension parts may not be effective enough, which can put extra pressure on other parts of your car. The tires, ball joints, and steering pump can wear down quicker or stop working. They can also affect your car’s braking, which can be a safety issue. When you hit the brakes, the poor suspension may put extra strain on the brake parts.

So you need to make sure that you never rely on aftermarket suspension parts, and only use OEM equipment. The Right Choice Auto Parts also has a complete section for used OEM suspension parts. You will surely be impressed by the quality.

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The transmission is one of the most important and expensive parts of your vehicle. Without this, the engine cannot power the wheels, and you cannot move forward. A faulty transmission can cause severe damage to other parts of your car and become unusable. It can cause the engine to overheat, and reduce fuel efficiency, throttle response, and power of your car — which can result in a very uncomfortable drive. And the repair and maintenance of these things can potentially cause thousands of dollars.

If you want to avoid such risks, you should never install aftermarket transmission parts because they can severely affect the performance of your car. Original OEM parts on the other hand will ensure that your vehicle is never halted in the middle of the way. They will enable you to avoid expensive repairs and keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. So if you are ready to ditch aftermarket transmission parts, the Right Choice Auto Parts will be your perfect partner on this journey.


You should always repair your car with original OEM parts, and this is especially important if there is a problem with the body panels, sensors, brakes, suspension, or transmission of your car.

This is not a complete list, every part of your car is important and should be replaced with an OEM part if it wears out or gets damaged. This is just a list of parts that should be your top priority to make sure you don’t run into expensive repairs or damage your car further. So once you have replaced them with high-quality OEM parts, you can move to other important areas like headlights, accelerators, clutch, etc.

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