Aftermarket Vs OEM Parts: 5 Surprising Trends to Watch in Used OEM Parts Market in 2023

May 26, 2023

Aftermarket Vs OEM Parts: 5 Surprising Trends to Watch in Used OEM Parts Market in 2023

Have you recently become a fan of the used OEM parts and ditched aftermarket parts? Do you want to stay up to date about what’s happening in this market? This blog post is for you!

Here are the key trends shaping the used OEM parts market. 


This is the age of social media and search engines. Nowadays, if people have a doubt about something (like the quality of the aftermarket parts) they search it on the internet and find websites like the Right Choice Auto Parts that guide them to the right track (the OEM parts). And if they have a negative experience with anything in their lives, they just take their phone and share the feedback in the form of a post or a video.

So nowadays, this trend is increasing. The awareness of why you should say NO to aftermarket parts and repair your car with only OEM parts. New aftermarket parts cannot match the quality of used OEM parts. 


The world has just realized that the path we had taken for the past several centuries has devastating effects for the future of our planet. Our excessive energy consumption is causing excessive carbon emission and air pollution that can be very harmful for the environment. Therefore, the world is going with sustainable and eco-friendly products and ideas in every section, and the same is the case with the car parts market.

People are shifting towards OEM parts because the manufacturing of new aftermarket parts takes a lot of energy, and OEM parts last longer so the need for new production is lower. 


Aftermarket parts are produced in huge quantities based on the manufacturer’s desire, and are always available everywhere. The used OEM parts on the other hand have had a different story; since they are original and not copies, their availability does not depend upon the wish of the manufacturer — but on the system that is put in place to find and supply them to the people who need them. If sellers of used OEM parts successfully source a variety of stock, it is still a challenge for the buyers to find those sellers who have a particular item you are looking for. But recently, the rise of e-commerce has solved this problem too.

Now there are platforms like the Right Choice Auto parts that offer a range of used OEM parts for a range of models on their website with easy to use and super efficient search and filter features. Such platforms also provide several other customer services that make it easy for the public to convert their dream of ditching aftermarket parts into a reality. 


In today’s faced paced world, lifestyles are getting busier day by day. People are looking for time-saving and reliable products, solutions, and services in their lives. And aftermarket parts do not meet these requirements; they are more likely to get damaged sooner than OEM parts and require repairs and replacements more often. Whereas, if you repair your car with OEM parts, you don’t have to waste time at repair shops because they are extremely expensive.

So, the trend of using used OEM parts is on the rise because people don’t want to waste their time on something (like aftermarket parts) that provides a very temporary solution. 


During the covid-19 pandemic when people had to stay in their home, they preferred keeping their old vehicles instead of buying the new ones. This trend was carried on due inflation in 2022 and the rising prices of cars, it eventually became a habit. Apart from these reasons, the durability and quality of the vehicles produced in today’s modern time is increasing, so people prefer to stick with their older cars instead of investing in new ones.

So when there is a trend buying fewer new cars, people just repair and maintain their older vehicles, and this can increase the demand for the used OEM parts. 

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